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Our proven framework generates instant results and helps you discover your hidden fortune.
Imagine spending more time actually closing deals and servicing clients. We can do that for you.

Lead Generation

Your ads will generate leads with pinpoint accuracy within your farming area. You’ll receive instant results within hours of going live and begin generating hundreds of leads per month.

CRM Setup & Automation

We’re believers that if you don’t track it you can’t improve it. We’ll set up your CRM and automate practically everything. All you’ll have to do is call your exclusive leads and add your notes.

Email Marketing

You’ll receive our proven templates that are adjusted to your audience’s needs. Our emails will position you in a value-based relationship with your prospects so they feel comfortable engaging with you as you serve them.

Chatbot Marketing

Imagine days where you would receive messages from people who are eager to buy, sell, invest, move, all while you service other clients. Chatbots can qualify leads, build trust with individuals by having conversations with them, and provide them with lots of value all on automatic.

Managing Director

Gabriel Noboa

  • Generated $10+ Million dollars and counting in Real
    Estate sales from advertising
  • Managed 10+ real estate companies advertising
    campaigns simultaneously
  • Copywriting advisor to Tribe Digital Group
  • 8+ years of digital project management

Our Story

We’re experienced digital marketers and creatives who became licensed agents and loan originators. We know this business from the inside out and are on a mission to help driven real estate professionals achieve explosive growth through our framework.

A framework that is always adapting to the industry and integrates the latest insider digital marketing tactics that lead to superiority in your market.

Our framework is designed to give real estate teams more time to spend on closing deals and serving clients. It empowers agents to achieve more results than they could have ever imagined at lightning speeds.

We’ve helped dozens close more deals, save thousands on advertising, and produce more from each team member.

What our clients get

A Proven Lead Generation Framework

Our framework is a shortcut to explosive growth. It generates results within hours of going live. What can you expect? With this system you’ll experience compounding benefits as your pipeline will only continue to grow with quality leads month over month.

Those leads will also be receiving automated text messages and emails that will keep them engaged throughout the process so you can maximize the touchpoints you have with them for no additional work.

You can use our system as an individual or amongst your top-performing team members and watch your numbers grow.

Real-Time Lead Notifications

Imagine going on with your day and instantly receiving a text with a new lead that is inquiring about an offer we promoted or a deal you’re currently trying to close.

Now, imagine that happening multiple times throughout the day. You or you’re team will be receiving leads directly to your phones in real-time as they’re captured.

You’ll have all their contact information and the information about the offer that captured their attention and made them want to give their information.

CRM Integration & Automation

We’re believers if you don’t track it, you can’t improve it. It’s fundamental to have a customer relationship management (CRM) system for your team to properly manage their leads, prospects, and customers.

With a properly integrated CRM you could have full visibility on team members pipelines and the amount of effort they’re putting in every day.

Part of why our framework is powerful is because we integrate your CRM with our lead generation services making the system very valuable and easy to manage and maintain.


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Nicholas Lara

Owner of Nicholas Lara Real Estate

Nicholas Lara

Owner of Nicholas Lara Real Estate

Nicholas Lara

Owner of Nicholas Lara Real Estate

Nicholas Lara

Owner of Nicholas Lara Real Estate

Nicholas Lara

Owner of Nicholas Lara Real Estate

Nicholas Lara

Owner of Nicholas Lara Real Estate

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